John Steel Singers - Everything's a thread LP+MP3

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Like all the best coastal albums it's brim with sparkling, sun kissed sounds, but here the band's creative freedom equally allows for lurking in the shade. Moving from the hook-heavy pop numbers 'Happy Before' and 'Common Thread' to the sinister sound of 'The Marksman' and soulful yet strange vibe of 'There's a Bird'. The Singers move from playful harmony filled summer nuggets, to electronic sheened pop, psychedelic sea shanties, kraut-pop and hard riffing cosmic rock with ease, evoking an uncanny vibe like mist resting on the ocean just before sunset.

1. The Needle

2. Happy Before

3. Everything's a Thread

4. MJ's On Fire Again

5. Common Thread

6. There's a Bird

7. The Marksman

8. State of Unrest

9. The AC

10. Never Road Tolstoy

11. Lambs

12. TGI Tuesday's

13. Mj's On Fire Again (Again)

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