Various - Are They Hostile? Croydon Punk, New Wave & Indie Bands 1977-1985 LP

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1: Griff Griffiths: Introduces Pete "Foxy" Fox
2: Bad Actors: Are The Hostile?
3: Johnny Moped: Groovy Ruby (Live At The Roxy)
4: The Marines: Step This Way
5: Slime: Controversial
6: Case: Smiling My Life Away
7: The Daleks: Tiny Town
8: Fanatics: Total Confusion
9: The Straps: New Age
10: The Heroes: Tarzan
11: Bad Actors: One Of Us
12: Johnny Moped: Incendiary Device (Live At The Roxy)
13: The Marines: Pleasure Business
14: Slime: Loony
15: Case: I Don't Wanna Kill The Whales
16: The Daleks: Rejected
17: Fanatics: When The Sun Goes Down
18: The Straps: Brixton
19: The Heroes: Russia

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