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Mexican border crossings, the traditional ceremonies of surviving Native American communities and lunar eclipses all form the lyrical rock bed of the laid-back, guitar driven debut single and album of new Welsh five-piece, Zefur Wolves. Sin Fronteras (No Borders) is just one spellbinding shot of fuzzed-up alt-rock on the emergent, self-titled album from Welsh five-piece Zefur Wolves, released on Strangetown Records. Led by singer-songwriter Estelle ios, Sin Fronteras shows solidarity with Mexican communities forced to challenge the world’s busiest border crossing - communities that the band became immersed in while writing and recording in California.

  • 01) Fading Out
  • 02) No Borders
  • 03) Troubled Soul
  • 04) Accept What You Feel
  • 05) Sant's Eclipse
  • 06) Numb
  • 07) Native
  • 08) Wake Up
  • 09) Too Late
  • 10) Secret Song
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