Green River / U-Men - Christmas Split Single 7"

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Green  River'S  Forthcoming  Reissues  Of  Dry  As  A  Bone  &  Rehab  Doll,  On  Sub  Pop,  Will  Include  Everything  Recorded  During  The  Eras  Of  Those  Two  Records  Except  For  Their  Sick  &  Unholy  Rendition  Of  The  Classic  Christmas  Tune  "Away  In  A  Manger,"  Which  Was  Deemed  To  Be  An  Awkward  Fit  In  The  Running  Order  Of  Either  Album.  U-Men'S  Slurring,  Lurching,  Belly  Crawling,  Piss  Take  On  "Blue  Christmas"  Was  Similarly  Left  Off  Of  Their  Comprehensive,  Career  Spanning  Collection,  Released  By  Sub  Pop  In  2017.  Two  Ugly  Orphans,  Brought  Together  To  Live  As  One  Grinning,  Writhing  Glump  Of  Career-Capping,  Christmas  Gak!  Happy  Birthday  Baby  Jesus.

Green River'S Forthcoming Reissues Of Dry As A Bone & Rehab Doll, On Sub Pop, Will

Include Everything Recorded During The Eras Of Those Two Records Except For Their

Sick & Unholy Rendition Of The Classic Christmas Tune "Away In A Manger," Which

Was Deemed To Be An Awkward Fit In The Running Order Of Either Album. U-Men'S

Slurring, Lurching, Belly Crawling, Piss Take On "Blue Christmas" Was Similarly Left Off

Of Their Comprehensive, Career Spanning Collection, Released By Sub Pop In 2017.

Two Ugly Orphans, Brought Together To Live As One Grinning, Writhing Glump Of

Career-Capping, Christmas Gak! Happy Birthday Baby Jesus

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