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Whilst pouring through twenty or so unmarked reel-to-reel tapes Derek Griffiths, formerly The Artwoods, one of the most revered and in fact the highest paid 60s band, Art Woods brother is Ronnie of The Rolling Stones (cf. a big deal). Derek and Rich Searle (Acid Jazz) came across a red tape box… Artist - Satisfaction. Date - 28.4.71. ‘A jazz-rock album,’ Derek explained, ‘a cross between Blood Sweat & Tears and early Chicago but without organ. Hammond organ smothers the horns.’ The studio engineer carefully cued up the forty-year-old quarter-inch tape and pressed play. As we listened, arms goosed, neck hair bristled, we fell silent, it was a trip. Derek endeavoured to shed more light. ‘It’s a concept album, written on the road about the road.'

  • 1. My Fixation
  • 2. Don’t Turn Away
  • 3. House Of The Rising Sun
  • 4. Three Ages Of Man
  • 5. Don’t Rag The Lady
  • 6. One Man Band
  • 7. Liar Liar
  • 8. Hotel
  • 9. My Fixation - Reprise

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