Neville, Stuart - Seatbelts Save Lives CD

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A handpicked, nine-song album, drawing on themes such as empire, long romance, xenophobia, good friendship and gaslighting. 

And an album that’s been a good, long while in the making. In late 2021, Stuart reconnected with his long-time musical collaborators Michi Stark and Dominic Zimmel, it took them over a year to record and self-produce this unpretentiously DIY yet complex sounding production in living rooms and small rented studio spaces in Vienna.

Dreadnought acoustic guitars, woven with wistful synth pads and heavy keys, sampled percussive elements and chewed-up tape sounds… all serving to support the authentic and poignant stories of the beaten-up yet sympathetic Scottish vocals. 

Quaintly named after the road-safety campaigns of the 80’s, this is an album steeped in reverie, the love of lyric and the absurdity of the human condition. 

Lyrical, indie-folk for the fucked-off yet deceptively hopeful.

1. Man-child
2. Avalon
3. Saddest Waltz
4. Sight of Me
5. The Win
6. Trust
7. A-OK
8. Plastic Soldiers
9. No Weddings

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