Rockabye Baby - Christmas Lullabies CD

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1. Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time (Lullaby to Sufjan Stevens) 2. 2000 Miles (Lullaby to The Pretenders) 3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (Lullaby to Death Cab for Cutie) 4. Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) (Lullaby to The Ramones) 5. Do They Know It's Christmas (Lullaby to Band Aid) 6. Happy Xmas (the War Is Over) (Lullaby to John Lennon) 7. Christmastime (Lullaby to Smashing Pumpkins) 8. Oi To the World (Lullaby to No Doubt) 9. Christmas Wrapping (Lullaby to The Waitresses) 10. Great Big Sled (Lullaby to The Killers) 11. Father Christmas (Lullaby to The Kinks) 12. I Won't Be Home for Christmas (Lullaby to Blink-182) 13. Some Day At Christmas (Lullaby to Pearl Jam)
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