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Volume 2 in THE THE s Cineola series is the original soundtrack to the award-winning documentary feature film Moonbug. The film follows renowned portrait photographer Steve Pyke MBE (New Yorker, Life Magazine) on his extraordinary journey across America to meet, interview and photograph his childhood heroes - the men who went to the moon. The CD, which features 17 original new tracks, is released through THE THE's Lazarus label and as part of their ongoing Cineola series of soundtrack and spoken word recordings. It comes packaged within a beautiful 80 page hardback book which features stunning portraits of the Apollo astronauts by Steve Pyke, plus an extensive interview with Pyke by THE THE's singer/songwriter Matt Johnson, notes from the film's award-winning director Nichola Bruce (I Could Read The Sky, The Human Face) and still photographs from the film itself.

1. The Evening Star 2. Shadows Of Time 3. Leaving Earth 4. Night Flight 5. Electric Moonlight 6. Sea Of Dust 7. Butterfly Wings 8. Dark Summer Day 9. Earth Rise 10. Between Moons 11. Forbidden Planet 12. Alien Tongues 13. Strange Sensations 14. God's Audience 15. Blind Spirit 16. The Evening Star (reprise) 17. Coming Home

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