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1 Stück = 4,95 €

The Fearless Freaks captures The Flaming Lips' deep-set Oklahoma roots with never-before-seen home movie footage and Coyne family photographs in this startlingly intimate feature-length documentary. Performance footage begins with the band's early punk/noise phase, and continues throughout the years as the band's shows become increasingly avant garde with the appearance of puppets, light shows, animal suits, theatrical blood, balloons & confetti, and even a huge Coyne-inhabited plastic ball. Included are insightful interviews with band members past and present, giving the viewer an inside look at The Flaming Lips 20-year transformation from Oklahoma outsiders to the elder statesmen of the weird and wonderful. Features cameos from Beck, Jack White, Juliette Lewis and Liz Phair as well as outtakes from the long-awaited Lips movie Christmas on Mars.

DVD1: The Fearless Freaks documentary: 99 minutes Band & Director’s Commentary

DVD2: Bonus Material: 90 minutes OUTTAKES: Backstage at Austin City Limits (3:57) Shopping Cart Guy (3:19) Wayne at Long John Silvers (4:15) Clouds Taste Metallic Sessions (10:02) Corey explains animal costumes (3:00) Wayne as Santa (3:30) DELETED SCENES: Wayne's Childhood days (3:40) Wayne and Steven chat about their big brothers 0:41) Jack White Interview and Live song (2:40) Super fans "Balloon Girls" (2:30) LIVE FOOTAGE: "Rainin' babies" (4:23) "Mountainside" (6:20) "Let me be it" (5:09) "Take Meta Mars" (3:07) "One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning" (9:44) PHOTO SLIDE SHOW: Photo slide show (15:00) Sleeve notes by Wayne Coyne.

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