Wild Evel & the Trashbones - Digging My Grave LP+DL

Wild Evel & the Trashbones - Digging My Grave LP+DL

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Evel brings his fuzz-guitar-meets-Screaming-Lord-Sutch brilliance out of the garage and into your living room.

Being a savage kid lost in an era of uninspiring music the Staggers' frontman, Wild Evel, teamed up in 2009 with part of former teenbeaters the Roadrunners to form a supergroup, providing serious garage punk at it's best! For sure the Trashbones have their roots in the 1960s U.S.

garage punk - the sound that these proto-punks produced is the same sound of the four Austrian freaks - succinct fuzz-guitars, farfisa organ, furious drumming and wild, howling vocals that represent a 100% hi-octane Rock'n'Roll attitude.

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