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1 Paul Williams: Overture
2 The Muppet Cast: Scrooge
3 Honeydew and Beaker: Room In Your Heart
4 Muppet Brass Buskers: Good King Wenceslas
5 Kermit: One More Sleep 'til Christmas
6 Marley and Marley: Marley and Marley
7 Miles Goodman: Christmas Past
8 Sam Eagle: Chairman of The Board
9 Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band: Fozziwig's Party
10 Belle: When Love is Gone
11 Ghost of Christmas Present: It Feels Like Christmas
12 Christmas Scat
13 Bless Us All
14 Miles Goodman: Christmas Morning
15 Scrooge: Thankful Heart
16 Finale - When Love Is Found/It Feels Like Christmas
17 Martina McBride: When Love Is Gon

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