Pertot, Gino - Jew Nails LP

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After 34 years, this lost gem of Austrian psych folk is finally reissued! This is most likely the RAREST Austrian LP, and one of the most elusive records ever. The music is honest and spontaneous, crossing paths between fragile folk and psychedelic dark undertones with a touch of glam, expressive lyrics and fleeting guitar lines. The 200 copies privately pressed in 1976 were sold at concerts or handed to friends and familiars. This reissue is fully licensed. A must for all psych-folk lovers.

01 Anita, the saggitarius 02 Untruthful yes 03 What kind of human 04 Poem to Vienna 05 Lady Veronica 06 Johnnie Preston 07 Pain in theass/g maj 08 Dorothy 09 Join the Bahamas 10 About me 11 Reeny, oh Reeny 12 Nick Drake

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