My Baby - Prehistoric Rhythm 2LP+DL

My Baby - Prehistoric Rhythm 2LP+DL

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1 Stück = 14,95 €

Mit minimalen Mitteln gelingt es MY BABY maximale stilistische Bandbreite zu erreichen: Slide Gitarren treffen auf soulig-hippiesken Gesang und TripHop Beats, sodass eine Mischung aus Desert Blues, Indie, Hippie-Rock, Psychedelia und Electronica entsteht. "Over the past two or three decades’, electronic dance music has become a huge part of our culture. It’s hard to fathom just how many people connect and celebrate life by going to dance parties and raves.” sagt Daniel Johnston über die neuen Einflüsse. “These gatherings are quite similar to tribal celebrations and rituals that have been around for thousands of years across all cultures in the world. The desire and need for those rituals remains and has become a fascination for us and we have made that trance-like hypnotic groove an essential part of our live performance, but it is also prevalent on a lot of the album. It's funny to think of it. Going back to prehistoric times, people dancing round a fire together! It's in our DNA" fügt er hinzu.
Kein anderer Act derzeit verfügt in der mit den Mitteln des Blues vollzogenen Verschmelzung trance-artiger Grooves mit archaischen Beats über solch famose Klasse.

  • 01 Electrified
  • 02 Same Wave
  • 03 Love Dance
  • 04 Cosmic Radio
  • 05 Ancient Tribe
  • 06 Moon Shower
  • 07 Make a Hundred
  • 08 Luminate
  • 09 Haunt Me
  • 10 Sunflower Sutra
  • 11 Sunroof Diesel Blues
  • 12 Straight no Chaser
  • 13 Haunt Me (Slight Return)
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