Hayman Kupa Band,The - The Hayman Kupa Band LP+DL


Hayman Kupa Band,The - The Hayman Kupa Band LP+DL

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When Darren Hayman (Hefner) and Emma Kupa (Standard Fare/Mammoth Penguins) decided to make a duets record, we knew the results would be great, but we didn't expect them to be THIS great. Gathering together a rhythm section consisting of Michael Wood (Whoa Melodic/Singing Adams) on bass and Cat Loye (Fever Dream) on drums, The Hayman Kupa Band create brash, bold and effortlessly melodic power pop.

1 Let's Do Nothing

2 No More Bombs

3 Red Petal

4 Over's Now Overdue

5 We Can Get By

6 Do You Know

7 A Tent of Blankets

8 Draw the Line

9 My Right Arm

10 Pretty Waste of Time

11 Reach Out

12 Then We Kissed

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