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For Record Store Day 2015:  Three all-star tunes from the soundtrack to Live Freaky! Die Freaky!, John Roecker's 2005 stop-motion-animated musical film based upon the Manson Family saga.  To commemorate the black comedy's 10th anniversary, Frontier has released this Record Store Day 2015 exclusive 7" picture disc featuring the classic, "Mechanical Man" performed by BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG, the raucous "Charlie? (Opening Song)" performed by TRAVIS BARKER and the hilarious "Do The Creepy Crawl" performed by JANE WIEDLIN & RODDY BOTTUM.  To quote Charlie:  "Buying records when you can steal them makes no sense.  And no sense makes sense!"

1.  Mechanical Man - BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG   2.  Charlie? (Opening Song) - TRAVIS BARKER   3.  Do The Creepy Crawl - JANE WIEDLIN & RODDY BOTTUM

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