Membranes - Kiss Ass Godhead LP

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A1 Love Your Puppy 

A2 Tatty Seaside Town 

A3 Viva! Spanish Turncoat 

A4 Bulbous Love Child 

A5 Electric Storm 

A6 Fuck My Old Boots (Robo Cop And Seacombe) 

A7 John Robb's 91st Nightmar3

B1 Long Live The Hooligan  

B2 Punk Out Baby 

B3 Corn Dolly Fear 

B4 (The World Acclaims...) Eternal Protein Man  

B5 Bacon Factory 

B6 Let's Take The Death Trip 

B7 Cheap Male Aggression 

B8 Cor Blimey! Ain't England Snidey

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